Summary of Benefits

There are multiple potential advantages to the LASSO fund-of-funds approach for investing in alternatives:

Risk/Return Objectives
  • Relatively stable returns versus equities
  • Potential downside protection
  • Reduced correlation with stocks and bonds
  • Can serve as an alternative – or complement – to conventional equity and fixed income, or less liquid alternative investments
Structural Features
  • Daily liquidity
  • User-friendly access to alternative investment strategies
  • Diversification through a carefully constructed, thoughtfully managed portfolio
  • "One-stop" tool for incorporating alternatives into the asset allocation process
  • A track record of 18+ years
  • Historic volatility approximately 1/3 of S&P 500 (based on daily returns)
  • Cumulative performance comparable to the S&P 500: 131.1% versus 212.1% for the S&P 500 (12/31/98 to 12/31/17)