Investing is a Dynamic Process

Even if your goals do not change, the markets, the economy, and the world continue to change. Thus, expectations of risk and return for different types of investments must also change.

At Lake Partners, we strive to identify and navigate significant turning points in market or strategy trends. We therefore allocate and reallocate assets among a mix of investments, aiming to take advantage of profit opportunities or to move out of a hazard’s way.

Science and art

Our process combines both the science and the art of investing.

The science of our approach utilizes a variety of quantitative analyses, encompassing volatility, return patterns, and changing correlations between investments, among others.

The art involves qualitative analysis and judgment. Qualitative analysis is the foundation for evaluating the experience and character, as well as return drivers and risk management, of alternative investment managers. Judgment is needed to evaluate the likelihood of alternative economic and market scenarios.

We seek to balance the art and science of investing with judgment that is seasoned by experience.

Discipline and flexibility

All too often, the financial markets are motivated by either fear or greed. Overreaction is common. In volatile environments, it is important to distinguish between durable trends of lasting value and passing swings in short-term sentiment. This is why we adhere to a deliberate and patient approach, often taking a contrarian tack.

We also retain enough common sense to remain flexible. Ultimately, we rely on our own independent judgment.