To implement our investment programs, we carefully select accomplished managers for each investment type.


Marshaling Investment Talent

To implement effective investment programs, we seek accomplished talent. For each investment program, we seek to assemble a team of money managers who have demonstrated performance over time in their area of specialization.

Lake Partners has extensive experience researching, evaluating, and selecting money managers. We continually interview new and existing managers and utilize a network of professional contacts to identify new talent.


In addition to an established track record, the characteristics we look for in a manager include: experience, a clear and consistent approach, a favorable risk profile, an effective decision-making process, and professional integrity.

We scrutinize performance data to verify a manager's abilities. Most importantly, we seek to understand the dynamics underlying a manager's performance.

Managing the Managers

Once managers are selected, continual vigilance is required.

We regularly review managers' portfolios and monitor their investment process. We are watchful for significant changes in their approach or organization.

Allocations are adjusted when changes in investment policy, asset allocation, markets, or a manager's performance dictate.

Seeking the Right Mix

Even the best managers will not always outperform the market or their peers. Thus, Lake Partners develops investment programs that utilize multiple managers with different but complementary investment styles. Diversification among managers can reduce risk while potentially enhancing performance.